Google Adwords Certified Partners in Thane, Mumbai, India

Google Adwords Certified Partner

Leading Web Promotion & Search Engine Marketing Firm Maharashtra Industries Directory Qualifies as

1. AdWords Search Certification
2. AdWords Display Certification 

3. AdWords Video Certification

4. AdWords Mobile Certification

5. AdWords Shopping Certification

6. Analytics Certification

Mumbai, India - 1July, 2018

Maharashtra Industries Directory has successfully qualified for the Google Advertising Professional Certification, One of the few companies in India to qualify as a Google Advertising Professional., "It has been a Great Achievement for us. We are One of the Top Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) Companies in India, Google Adwords Certified Partner ( GACP ) Certification Strengthened our Knowledge regarding Google Adwords," Announced by Vinay Marathe, Director - Maharashtra Industries Directory ( Division of Marathe Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ).

Google Adwords is one of the most widely used marketing tools, It helps Advertisers to Attract Targeted Traffic for their products and Improve their website Return On Investment ( ROI ), Increase Conversions, and make more money on the web. Google Adwords provides a global platform for advertisers to reach out to users and prospects. Our fully efficient & dedicated Pay Per Click ( PPC ) professional and campaign delivery managers optimize, manage and actively monitor Pay Per Click campaigns to help advertisers achieve their desired objectives, Apart from expertise at Google Adwords, We also manage Pay Per Click campaigns on Yahoo! & Bing.

1)Try Google Adwords Cost Per Click ( CPC ) :
A Better Return On Investment ( ROI ) for your ad campaign, Start gaining new customers today !

Your ad is displayed to people who are already seraching for the kinds of products and services you offer. So those people are more likely to take action.
The Google Network reaches over 80% of worldwide internet users.
Worldwide more than 40,000 search queries process per second by Google over 3.5 billion seaches per day.
Pay only for clicks.
Ads will appear on more than 200 different countries Google domains.
The Google Network is the largest online Advertising network available, Some of them are America Online, Youtube, Netscape, AT&T, Ask Jeeves, CompuServe, Lycos The New York Times and many more.

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Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content websites / blogs, where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an Ad to visit the advertiser's website. When people search on Google, Yahoo or MSN using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you're advertising to an audience that's already interested in you. People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you.

 The PPC Benefits Includes :

  Instant Results : If Managed Correctly it can Produce Significant Results in a short time, sometime even minutes.

  Your Advertisement. Shows only to those users who are really interested in your products.

  Geo-Targeting (Marketing to Specific Countries / Languages)

Good PPC Campaign Requirements :

  Write best description for your campaign.

  Try to cover keyword in title as well as in description.

  Place different campaign for different keywords.

  Make upper lower case in display url because it catches the user's attention.


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